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Relying Upon God’s Word to Avoid Temptation

The first man, Adam, was in the Garden of Eden living at ease with food and companionship at his fingertips when he was tempted.  He did not need to eat of the fruit as he had all of the other trees of the Garden from which to eat.  His choice was not from hunger or lack but from pure rebellion.  When Satan offered him the opportunity to sin in the midst of God’s overflowing excess, Adam failed and led the way for humanity into the fall.

Jesus Had Nothing But the Word of God

Jesus spent 40 days alone in a hot, forbidding desert before facing Satan.  He had no food, shelter or companionship to strengthen Him before His temptation.  His physical situation was completely different from Adam’s.  He could have justified going along with the tempter out of necessity.  Yet, Jesus faced down Satan.  He did so only in His human strength relying on the truth of the Word of God.  In doing so, He showed that though He is fully man, He would not fail like the first man.  God’s new creations would be led out of sin and the fall by this perfect man.  Jesus as the Last Adam was not going to fall prey to temptation on His mission to set us free from the effects of Adam’s fall.  He also sets an example how we can also overcome temptation when Satan comes after us.

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Pastor Tom Neary



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