A Bible Teaching Church in Elkridge, Maryland

Calvary Catonsville is in Elkridge?

Yes, though the church began as a Bible study and then on Sunday mornings in Catonsville, we moved to Elkridge and have been here for the last three years.  The church building is just over the line from Arbutus, Catonsville and Halethorpe.  All told, the difference door to door from the old Sunday morning church building to the new is five miles.  As it has been from the beginning, the church is made up of people from these towns as well as Woodlawn, Columbia, Pasadena, Lansdowne and others.  We are a diverse group united by our love of Jesus, His Word and His Church.

So Why don’t We Change the Name?

The word in the Bible from which we get the word “church” is ekklesia.  It comes from the ancient democratic process of calling out the people of a town to do the business of the town.  The church, therefore, is the people, not the building.  Those called out of the world to gather together to do the business of God.  We do this on Sunday mornings in Elkridge but also meet on other days for Bible Study, fellowship activities, outreach and other works of the church in Catonsville, Arbutus, Baltimore and wherever God leads us.  In light of this and with Christians from all across the area involved, we don’t see a need to change it.  We are those called out for Jesus wherever we go.

What Communities do We Serve?

Calvary Catonsville is made up of people who desire to serve wherever Jesus leads them.  We are made up of Christians from Elkridge and Catonsville to Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County and Carroll County.  The church building is located where Elkridge, Halethorpe, and Catonsville meet and just a few miles from Baltimore and Columbia.  We serve those communities as well as equipping believers in their workplaces.  Our online ministries reach out across the world as well.

Our church fellowship activities do tend to center around Catonsville with annual Baptism, 4th of July Fellowship and holiday dinners often taking place in Catonsville.  But our church family is located across the area and we reach out and serve wherever we go.

So Why Attend Calvary Catonsville in Elkridge?

Calvary Catonsville has never been about geography.  We are about Jesus, the love of His Bible and the love for His people, the church.  We believe that the highest goal in life is to be conformed to the image of our Lord and Savior.  We pursue this goal through learning God’s Word and encouraging each other communally.  God refers to those who are saved through the active work of the Holy Spirit as His family.  We are children of God.  We take this seriously at Calvary Catonsville.  We follow the model of church set out in Acts 2:42:

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

There are churches that offer more in the way of entertainment and programs.  Calvary Catonsville focuses, instead, on fulfilling this Biblical outline and helping believers grow in their walk with Jesus.  The Bible will be preached, a loving welcome offered and Jesus glorified at Calvary Catonsville.

We are a Maryland Calvary Chapel which means that the hallmarks of a Calvary Chapel church are present.  We preach the Bible expositionally, verse by verse, have vibrant contemporary worship and learn the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere.

Come and be fed!

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