Who is Calvary Catonsville?

We Teach the Bible

Calvary Catonsville is a Bible teaching church.  We love and teach the Scriptures verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book.  This means we go through a book of the New Testament Sunday mornings starting at chapter one, verse one and study through that book each week until the end.  We don’t just take one verse on its own.  We learn the historical context, get to know the people involved and see how God was working in them and in their communities.  God gives us insights into the lives of these early believers so we can learn from their victories and their mistakes.  We seek to apply the verses and God’s message through the church to our lives.  The goal is not just to hear a sermon each week and go home but to mature in holiness and our relationship with Jesus alongside others.  We seek to equip each believer with a love and knowledge of the wonderful Word of God so that we can experience the joy and peace of Jesus every day.  As we grow in our faith, we then can also teach and lead others to a closer relationship with Jesus.  It is not just an academic study of the Scriptures.  We rely upon the Holy Spirit to do His work in the hearts of each believer so that we are not just hearers of the Word but doers.  We seek to be changed by our time together so we can go out and make disciples.

We Seek to Know Jesus

We are a non-denominational fellowship of believers united in loving, serving, and following the Lord Jesus Christ.  The goal of our church is that each person would grow in their relationship with Him.  Our desire is to know Jesus and to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is accomplished through the study of the Word of God each week, verse-by-verse, prayer, fellowship and loving and serving Him and others.  Our church seeks to follow the outline set for in Acts 2:42:

Acts 2:42 Calvary Catonsville Church

The Church of the Book of Acts was filled with the disciples who were taught by Jesus Himself.  It is this church model we seek to follow.

We are a Church Family

When we are saved out of the world through the grace of God, the Bible says that we become part of Jesus’ family.  We are adopted by God the Father as His children.  The church, therefore, is made up of brothers and sisters in Jesus.  We are the blessed family of God.  As the church, we are called to live out this truth through loving one another, encouraging one another and living life together bonded by the work of Jesus.  This is part of what makes us special in the world.  We are the city on a hill described by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, the lights of the world gathered together to shine brighter.  We take this directive from the Lord seriously.  As a church we seek to genuinely love and care for each other so we shine as Jesus directed.  We try to spend our time together helping each other grow in our walks with Jesus.  Great relationships form at Calvary Catonsville because we are bonded by the work of Jesus and seek to glorify Him.

About Pastor Tom

Pastor Tom Neary, and his wife, Jennifer, were called to the work of the Lord originally through HopeFM, the local Calvary Chapel radio ministry.  At the time, they were regularly attending church and serving, but felt there was something missing.  They just were not growing in the Lord.  Then they began listening to HopeFM, the Calvary Chapel radio ministry here in Maryland.  Upon hearing the Bible taught expositionally by Calvary Chapel pastors it was like a light going on.  The simple study of God’s Word in context, the reliance on the Holy Spirit and the glorification of Jesus was exactly what was missing.  After finding a local Calvary Chapel, their relationships with the Lord grew and matured.  Their entire family changed as the Lord did His work in them.

They served with their Calvary Chapel church family in many capacities before obeying the call to start a community Bible study in the Catonsville area in the fall of 2013.  This grew into Calvary Catonsville starting in October of 2014.  Pastor Tom teaches the whole Bible with a simple goal.  His life was transformed through listening to faithful men teach the whole counsel of God accurately and in a way that everyone can understand.  God did amazing work through the teaching of the Word and the love of the church.  Pastor Tom now seeks to offer that same eternal Word for others.

All Scripture Calvary Catonsville Church A Bible Teaching Church Near Me

Tom and Jen both grew up on the East Coast.  They met in college in 1992 and later married in 1999.  Their marriage really came alive when Tom came to the Lord and they began to follow Jesus together.  They have four wonderful children aged preschool through teenager who you will see serving around the church.  Tom and Jen love helping others discover just how great a Savior Jesus is and the peace, joy and contentment of a Spirit filled life.  They also love sharing their lives with the greater Body of Christ.

Pastor Tom Neary and Jen Calvary Catonsville Church


What to Expect

You can expect to be greeted by members of the church who are glad to see you.  Feel free to ask any questions you have and get to know people.  We are a very friendly group.  Tom is usually available to say “Hello” and to answer any questions.  Grab some coffee and get comfortable with the church building.  We begin service with worship featuring contemporary Christian music with a projector illuminating the words so that you can sing along.  After a break, this is followed by expository teaching through the Bible.  We are currently studying the Gospel of Matthew.  Children’s ministry is available.  Following the teaching, people usually stay around and get to know each other better and fellowship.

To check out our sermons on YouTube – Calvary Catonsville YouTube

Come and join us as we study God’s Word together and encourage each other in the faith.

To hear sound Bible teaching, tune in to Hope Fm, 97.5 or click on the following link: http://www.hopefm.net/schedule/programming-maryland/

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Calvary Catonsville Church

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