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Children are encouraged to worship with their family during service.

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Calvary Catonsville’s Children’s Ministry offers Bible-based class on Sundays after worship for all ages. Children under 6 will be cared for by trained and loving believers.  It is our prayer that the children will grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord, becoming His disciples by loving God, loving others, and loving and living God’s Word. A christ-centered curriculum is taught in all of the classes and covers the entire Bible.  We are currently using the Gospel Project curriculum with added activities for preschoolers.  Children are encouraged to bring their Bibles to class.

Calvary Catonsville Kids Ministry Calvary Chapel Maryland

Our Philosophy for Kids Ministry at Calvary Catonsville

Children are a blessing and heritage from the Lord, the Bible tells us.  At Calvary Catonsville, we believe this to be true.  We, therefore, treat Kids Ministry and all of our children as important parts of the church.  They are not afterthoughts.  They are little members of the church who are being trained on how to follow Jesus as they grow to adulthood.  The goal is to assist parents in this process and this guides the structure of our Children’s Ministry.  There is something wonderful about children coming into church every Sunday excited to learn about Jesus!

At Calvary Catonsville, the whole family worships together during the musical portion of worship.  This brings the family together to sing praises to the Lord as one in an atmosphere that is comfortable for parents and children.  When it comes to Bible teaching time, we provide the children with a lesson that they can understand at their level to encourage their relationship with the Lord.  The Bible is emphasized and taught to even the youngest ones in an age-appropriate manner.  The goal is to foster a love of the Word from a young age and also prepare them for graduating to the adult service as they mature.  We believe this helps our kids develop a strong Biblical foundation to rely on as they grow.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to teach the children about the Lord and His Word.  They are a wonderful blessing to the church.

What is the Structure?

Sunday Morning Classrooms:

Nursing Moms room–  Quiet and private room available as needed for nursing mothers.  There is a TV with the service on in this room so Mom’s can watch the service in privacy.

Currently Nursery and PreK is combined:

Nursery– for children ages 5 months until 2 years old. Experienced and safe caregivers watch over children during the sermon time.

Pre-k/K– Class for children in preschool through kindergarten or ages 2-5. This class is designed to engage young children in God’s Word. Children receive instruction through the Bible reading, a correlating reader Big Book session, Scripture Songs, hands-on activities and the Bible passage in short video form.  This is followed by a guided Question & Answer discussion for comprehension and to reinforce the lesson, games and lastly some creative free play time.  We loved teaching the younger kids the Word, but appreciate their limits and they do enjoy their free play time.  Classes for Prek and Elementary ages learn the same Bible passages each week so families can study together and the older siblings can disciple the younger.

Youth– All youth are encouraged to participate with their parents in the sermon.

Questions about Kid’s Ministry at Calvary Catonsville?

To find out more, please contact:

Jennifer Neary

Calvary Catonsville

5695 Main St

Elkridge, Maryland 21075


Calvary Catonsville Kids Ministry Calvary Chapel Maryland