Service time for Sunday Worship & Teaching:

Due to Covid-19, our indoor service has moved temporarily outdoors.

Cars should park in the shared spaces in front of Solar Energy World at the bottom of the hill. This is on the left side of the church building. Worship and teaching is visible at the top of the hill.  The worship and teaching can be heard via speakers and by tuning into your FM radio on station 88.7 Fm during the service.  This allows people to listen with their windows closed and air conditioning on if it’s hot.  People are also invited to bring a camp chair and sit next to their vehicle or sit at the edge of an open trunk…whatever works for you.


Sundays, 10am live worship and teaching outdoors

Two ways to hear: Outdoor Speakers and FM Radio: 88.7 fm

  1. On the radio from the church lot: 88.7 Fm.  Park and listen in your air conditioned vehicle.
  2. Bring a camp chair and sit next to you vehicle or open your windows. Outdoor speakers provide excellent audio.

Parking: alongside Solar Energy World on the right side of the church building

Kids Ministry: Materials distributed as requested…  Each child will be provided a link to the Bible study video to complement the Bible lesson, activity pages, craft and supplies, and Bibles for the Bible study. Contact for materials.

Bathrooms: Next to the drive-in area, there is an open garage door leading to the basement storage area of the church.  A bathroom is located just inside with signs posted.  A disinfectant station is adjacent ot he bathroom for your use.

Water: There is a cold water cooler and disinfecting supplies next to it.  Bring your own thermos/water bottle/cup for filling.

Fellowship:  People are invited to fellowship before and after service. There are canopies set up for shade and a shady tree where people can gather. People follow guidelines for Covid as mentioned below.

Covid-19 Guidelines: Please stay 6-7 feet apart outdoors and bring masks to wear at closer distances. We defer to Romans 14, Philippians 2, and 1 Corinthians 13 for guidance on the use of masks and the set up of service.  We seek to love others and look out for others’ interests, considering that some among us may be physically compromised and more prone to severe illness from the Coronavirus. Therefore, we wear a mask and social distance in keeping with the exhortation from the Scriptures to love, laying down our preferences and rights for the physically weaker or least of these among us.  There is conflicting information in the news, so we do our best to honor others and be a witness of love and respect to our church body and our community with the information we have. We give thanks to the Lord that mask wearing has no bearing on our religious freedom and that we are able to worship, study and fellowship freely in our space.  We give thanks for the outdoor space we have been given, which provides opportunity for the “least of these” to attend weekly. We thank God for His guidance and direction and we continue to seek Him always on how to navigate these unusual circumstances in a way that brings Him glory and encourages our church family.

Photos to assist you with parking and layout:

Pastor Tom Neary
5695 Main Street
Elkridge, Maryland 21075
Phone: 443-840-7475

Email the Church for Special Times of Prayer and more details or contact the church at or call 443-840-7475